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A Historical Novel

Beneath Every Troublin' Stone
After burying two young husbands, childless, hindered by Jim Crow society, Bernice Tulley thinks bootleg liquor and a high-class brothel are the solutions to the Economic Depression, but her "troublin' stones" just get heavier. Digital Format Only


Story Trailer
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Genealogy & History

Always A Blessing
In The End:
The Chronicles of the Four Ancestral Lineages of Ben Ivy & Ruth Thompson
Five generations of ancestors are resurrected and take on flesh to live within the pages. Print & Digital Format


Story Of Us: Harris/Trabue Family Genealogy & History
A two-hundred year story, documentation, and pictorial of an African American family's strength and faith. Digital Format Only


Through Their Eyes:
The History of African Americans in Beloit, Wisconsin from 1836 to 1970
This DVD is produced by The Jim and Cheryl Caldwell Foundation, current Head Coach and members of the NFL family. An inspiring history and poignant legacy of Beloit's black leaders and pioneers.


Books For Children

Ruma Warrior Princess
A real puppy brings joy back into the lives of a family who lost a pet. A rather amusing story. Digital Format Only


Is This All I Truly Am?
Fostered by a dog family, Deer One never knew her deer family. Confused about who and what she is, Deer One seeks to discover who she truly is. Digital Format Only


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