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The 2020 updated HARRIS/TRABUE FAMILY GENEALOGY & HISTORY: STORY OF US (expanded to 250 pages) includes a revised narrative, Ancestor Pages, and new information gathered since its original publication in 2015.

The 2020 ADDENDUM, THE STORY OF MORE US: TRABUE AND POPE LINEAGES adds a whopping 184 pages of previously unpublished narratives, documents, records, and photos relevant to this encompassing generational history of an African American family that touches many major events throughout our nation's shared American experience.

Leroy and Beatrice Trabue

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 View the informative 22-minute slide presentation called "THE TRABUE LINEAGE" narrated by Paulette Ivy Harris, the author and creator. 

The HARRIS/TRABUE FAMILY GENEALOGY & HISTORY: THE STORY OF US made its debut at the First Harris/Trabue Family Reunion on June 26, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a 200-hundred-year accounting of five generations of an African American family whose ancestors left behind, for their descendants to discover, a legacy of participation in the Civil War fight for U. S. citizenship due Black Americans and of defending freedom abroad as soldiers in the U. S. military; a legacy of seizing the American dream of land and home ownership; of aspiring to and accomplishing professional careers; of keeping faith with God and holding sacred the family unit as the sources of emotional strength and encouragement.

The updated book's 250 pages includes a historical narrative summary of documented facts and family oral history, maps, ancestor profiles, and reproductions of actual archival records for the reader to trace this family's ancestry back to 1797. It includes a photo exhibit of ancestors and their burial sites--the oldest photo taken on tintype in the 1860s.

Join the journey back in time to discover the Harris and Trabue ancestors who, by their example, illuminated avenues of opportunity for their present generations to succeed.

(Above photo of LeRoy & Beatrice Trabue, courtesy of Tessa Trabue from her personal archives.)

Books and slideshow were researched, written & produced by Paulette Ivy Harris.


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