Author Paulette Ivy Harris wrote the narration for Through Their Eyes, a DVD produced by The Jim and Cheryl Caldwell Foundation, members of the NFL family. Jim Caldwell is the current Head Coach for the Detroit Lions and the former Head Coach for the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts.

Through Their Eyes pays homage to the earliest families that arrived in Beloit and founded the African American presence in the city. It recalls the first seeds sowed from which Beloit’s contemporary black churches flourish today. Through Their Eyes contrasts tenant farming with factory work and city life with the rural lives of families migrating from the South to Beloit seeking better opportunities.

Through Their Eyes reverently remembers the community’s pioneering scholars, supporters of youths, and social activists who illuminated the path which moved society toward the acknowledgment of human rights and civil fairness. The members of their own community they chose to uplift and celebrate, and recollections of people and events that continue to touch the heart and soul of African American Beloiters everywhere makes this documentary unique in its scope. Not only is it an inspiring tribute to Beloit’s black leadership of the past, Through Their Eyes is a poignant legacy for the community of today to build upon.