1. When was Paulette Ivy Harris born?

Ms. Harris was born in 1952.

2. What is her background?

She has nine other siblings and grew up in a western suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.

3. What is her religious faith?

Ms. Harris is Roman Catholic.

4. Where did she go to school?

Ms. Harris attended the public schools in St. Louis County and went on to graduate from Loyola University in Chicago in 1974.  She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology.

5. How can I contact her by mail or email?

Ms. Harris does not have a public mailing address or a public email address and cannot respond personally to any mail or emails inquiries.

6. What tips can she give me in my own search for my ancestral roots?

Her tip is to seek out several of the “how to” genealogy books that are currently on the library shelves or on bookstore shelves.  They are packed with much more useful information than can be addressed here.

7. What advice can she give me in writing about my own ancestors?

She has three words: document, document, document. Besides being diligent in your documentation of facts, her advice is to listen to your inner voice and let it be your guide.

8. What additional information might she have about my family members who match the surnames in her book?

Ms. Harris cannot assist anyone in their ancestry search, nor can she impart any additional information other than what is found in her book, Always a Blessing in the End.

9. How can I find out more about iUniverse Publishing Inc.?

Here is the link to check out iUniverse Publishing Inc.

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