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  “…I enjoyed your book. You did a good job on making the family history readable and interesting even to someone who doesn’t know all the characters!”

                              ~Helen Robertson Flach California, 11/05/05

GGG-Granddaughter of landowner, Thomas Byrd Ivy (1783 – 1836)


“I have enjoyed reading your book.  I like how you begin the book with a history of slavery and the attitude of the U.S. Government concerning slavery.  I thought it was very informative and educational.  It is an essential background which sets the stage for getting to know your ancestors and the kinds of conditions they had to endure.  Their lives cannot have been easy or pleasant, but I like how you focus on the facts and the positive aspects of their lives.  I found the genealogical charts in the back of the book very helpful; You mention the family oral history many times.  That is just as important.  Much of today’s Bible is oral history that was finally written down. The people in the book are not only a record of their existence, the book brings them alive in the hearts of the reader.  Each family and family member is important.  Always A Blessing In The End is a wonderful book and a labor of labor of love, and it shows!”

                         ~Donna Sease, Indianapolis, Indiana, 11/22/05


“I really enjoyed reading your book Always A Blessing in the End.  It made me realize how important it is to gather information, pictures, and facts about our family members.  Thanks for a great book!”

                    ~Leroy Hughes, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 11/27/05


“My heavens it was so interesting, I had a hard time putting it down to get something done.  You are a wonder girl.  God bless you for you have really worked hard on this research.  Thank you for this book.”

        ~Jeanie (Eugenia) Braithwaite, Syracuse, New York, 12/22/05

                   Granddaughter of Ellen L. Scott Noisette Goldstein


“Paulette has masterfully woven into her ancestral “family quilt” threads of historical facts that shed light on the insurmountable odds that were stacked against her family of past generations.  Through words she beautifully writes about how her ancestors overcame these struggles, conflicts and hardships by relying on their fervent faith and strong family bond.  Although there were times of darkness, despair, uncertainty and sadness over the years, her family remained strong knowing that through it all the results would ultimately be a blessing in the end.  How wonderful to read that her family today can look back and still profess the axiom, Always A Blessing in the End.

While reading Always A Blessing In The End, I felt as if Paulette had heard the voices of her courageous ancestors echoing down the tunnel of time and was able to pen their stories for not only this generation but future generations to come as well.  Always A Blessing in the End is a magnificent tribute to those spirit-filled ancestors who have come before, and a treasure for those who now read it.

This book has inspired me to take Paulette’s advice and leave behind a manuscript, written documents, or letters that will preserve my family history for those to cherish once I have left this earth.  Thanks Paulette for my Eureka moments!”

                       ~Cheryl Caldwell, Indianapolis, Indiana 04/06/06


 “I’ve just finished reading your inspiring family history, Always a Blessing in the End.  There is a lot of information in your book.  I’ve wondered what a hod carrier was and thanks to your explanation, now I know.  This book is indeed an impressive collection of genealogy and information regarding living conditions your ancestors and others endured.  Throughout the narrative you make it clear that your family prospered because of their unwavering faith in God and because of all His blessings.  This book is an inspiration to those seeking to learn the past in order to illuminate the future.  Best wishes with your future writings!” 

~Susie Grover, Reference Librarian, Avon-Washington Township Library Indiana 05/09/06


“Inspired by history and guided by spiritual verse, Paulette Ivy Harris’ extensive research of her African American roots will stimulate all readers to further study THEIR own genealogies.  Enhanced with family photographs and materials gleaned from public databases, this book, ALWAYS A BLESSING IN THE END, presents a true-life story of the way things truly were!  As a reader, I feel blessed to have become a part of this family’s lineage through words.  Not only did I learn about REAL history, I became stronger in my spiritual beliefs due to the IVY’S constant faith in God.”

                                    ~Bonnie G. Molloy, Author, Tucson, Arizona 07/13/06


“The book at hand, ALWAYS A BLESSING IN THE END, is a world of informative and intellectual reading for the whole family.  When this book was introduced to me, it took a couple of weeks for me to start reading.  When I was able to start it, I read the preface and from that time on I just could not put it down.  I was spellbound by the intricate details woven through time and space following my family through trials and tribulations with the only armor they had, the Shield of the Almighty.  I must say that this book is good reading for the novice and also for the well-informed.”

                                    ~Donald Ivy, Oakland, California 07/25/06


 “Please know that I am reading your book, ALWAYS A BLESSING IN THE END, for the second time.  It will be a reference book for me for my own personal growth, and for my maturing understanding of who I am and who we are as a people.  I am extremely appreciative of your research and your dedication to uncovering our family heritage and the circumstances that shaped our ancestors’ lives.  Putting our history into the context of the political and social climate of the time in which our foreparents lived allows me a clearer picture of their personal struggles to maintain their dignity and humanity, as well as the challenges they faced in a national culture of assumed supremacy fed by its greed for wealth and power.  You have joined with other courageous souls in documenting the beliefs and lack of morals at the roots of this decadent society in which we live.  As this modern age and its increasing availability of unlimited information continues to unfold, all of the secrets of the past generations will reveal themselves for the world to see.  Through your work and the work of others like you, generations to come will know of the inhumanity of which human beings are capable.  I applaud your efforts.  Well Done!”

~Ruthanne Ali, Director of Light, Unity of Tustin, Orange County, California 08/26/06


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