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If you have ever wondered how to go about researching and writing about your ancestral roots or you want to read a living history and its real impact on a non-celebrity American family, then you’ll check out Ms Harris’ book!


            Always a Blessing in the End is a two-fold exploration of the African American experience in the United States within the genre of a family history.  After addressing the development of the African slave trade, it highlights the attitudes and accomplishments in the arenas of slavery and equality for black Americans during each presidential administration from Washington to Carter.

Paulette Ivy Harris then presents her genealogies of four lineages, namely the Ivys, the Baileys, Goldsons, and the Thompsons.  She takes the reader on an empathetic sojourn through the lives of the ancestors she finds long buried in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri.  Her ancestors seem to resurrect from the dust of their internment and take on flesh to live again between the pages.  By incorporating genealogy about her ancestors into her research of African American history, she reconstructs the lives they endured.  She discovers that the Christian faith of her ancestors was unfailingly rewarded with what truly mattered.

A testimony of love and faith by aspiring African Americans who faced extraordinary adversity.  Always a Blessing in the End will touch your spirit. 

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The pictures in the gallery are from the author’s family archives. They are pictures of some of Harris’ ancestors, and other people and places she writes about in ALWAYS A BLESSING IN THE END.  

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